I give a party
with moving tables, red chocolate and grapes, piles of quince and saucy women, lights, smoke and shells, shocking pink brushes and a dragon tattoo, the party scouts for boys, Anette, Sandra, and Ronnie were there too.

It’s all about social pictures. Men catching bugs, dreaming, piles of fruit, nests and cobwebs. Warm blankets with patterns. Women exposed. Pots so arranged as if climbing hills. An appetite is pushing for a personal symbolism, hungry to uncover own forms and colors. To create breathing, pulsating organisms and transform them into paint. It is having a subject to paint that you’re passionate about. A totally uncontrollable, always shifting subject that can change its meaning from one moment to the next, open and unsolved until the very last minute.   An old ambition of locating the form with a line in a mass of paint. It’s a risk-taking peeling away of layers of what you already know. It’s all about surprising oneself.